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What’s it all about?

Fantage Jr. is a blog or site where you can find the BEST fantage advice, fashion, and complete random things! I hope you have an awesome time exploring our wonderful blog!

Hello fellow viewer. My name is cathie611( or cathie) and I am a level 300+ on fantage and I enjoy playing and blogging about it. I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, watching T.V., and listening to music. My goal on fantage is to just have fun with my buddies. If you see me online, add me!


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Outfit do’s and don’ts

Hello! I had an idea to do and outfit do’s or don’ts. These tips help me create my  OOTDs and I think are great for looking pretty decent on Fantage.


Use items that aren’t always mainstream. I’ve tried to do that in my lastest ootd and it didn’t really work. So, I tried again and let’s see how it is:


I think I did well, but you can swap the Faded Red Shorts for the Tan Shorts, which is easier to get. I like the board I used because it is simple yet a little vintage because it’s one of the first boards on Fantage.


Collect items because they’re popular. I don’t really do that. I use my wishlist to get items I want.Some of the items on my wishlist are popular, and some aren’t. Some items were intentional to get and some I though were a good deal so I got them. I will dress in a few outfits that have popular items in them and point out which one was on my wishlist.


Outfit 1: The hair was on my wishlist and I got them. The shoes were also on my wishlist. I got them but very stupidly sold them.

Outfit 2: Only the shorts were on my wishlist and I got them.

Outfit 3: The hair and shorts was on my wishlist and I got them. The top wasn’t on my wishlist but I liked them a lot and got them

Outfit 4: Nothing here was on my wishlist but I have them


Try something new. Whether it be a new background, style or account, it’s okay to take risks and do something different. Change in an ootd makes it more unique than the others.


Try on items you don’t like. I like having a handful of popular items, but if I see one I don’t like, I won’t buy it.Don’t try to collect items everyone will have. Collect what you like, which can also include mainstream items. I do this and I enjoy what I have.



Fall Fairy Fiasco pt.2

Here’s part two to our story. I was just waiting for the next part to come out, don’t worry I wasn’t on break or anything.

Anyways, let’s get into the next part!

Mini Game


You can also buy the puzzle pieces for 2,000 gold. Just click on whatever part you want to buy (This is such a waste of gold but I’m just a cheapskate so don’t mind me).

Limited Items


Hair- 4,000 gold

Shirt- 3,000 gold

Skirt- 3,000 gold

Shoes- 1,500 gold

I personally don’t really like any of the items. I felt like they just clashed together and tried to say it was an outfit. I think the prices are okay, but I don’t really want to buy them.

Limited House and Furniture


Home-5,000 gold

Tea cup-3,000 gold

Flowers-3,000 gold

Sofa-4,000 gold

Rug-2,000 gold

Side Table -3,000 gold

I really like how everything is pretty much sugar sweet. In my opinion, it has an Alice in Wonderland vibe going on. The prices are okay, not super expensive, not too cheap. I do recommend buying that rug! I think it’s pretty cute.

I think that’s all for this event (plus I’ve pretty much given up at finding all the leaves and the wand) so I hope to see you at the next event!


Fall Fairy Fiasco(Part 1)

I was a little confused as why there was a fall event, even though it’s August. It was the chosen user inspired event from the beginning of summer I think. There was also a contest for a house design.


Congrats to Peachiies and Pinksmile101. Let’s see the next parts of the story and our ‘job’…


The instructions are above. They reward you each few times you find all the items, scattered around fantage I assume. You can find all the items you’ve collected at l the left side of your screen. There’s an icon that says Fall Fairy Fiasco with a fox.


You can buy any of these for 200 gold each.

Limited Items


Set 1:

Hair:4,000 gold OR 8,000 stars

Glasses:2,000 gold OR 4,000 stars

Shirt:3,000 gold OR 6,000 stars

Pants:3,000 gold OR 6,000 stars

Shoes: 1,500 gold OR 3,000 stars

Set 2:

Hair:4,000 gold

Hairband:2,000 gold

Dress:5,000 gold

Shoes: 1,500 gold

I don’t really like any of the items except the glasses, which I would buy but I would be broker than I already am.

I this event is very creative and will actually take time to try and collect the prizes and the medal. Can’t wait for part two, coming on the 25th! See you then!




OOTD #44


Caitlyn Style- MyMall

Pink Heart Tee- Le Shop

Black n’ White Shorts- MyMall

Red Sneakers- Orion’s Rare Finds

Pomeranian Ears- Limited Cart

White and Orange Board – Fantage ??????

Outfit Difficulty:Medium

I think outfit can be easy or hard, so I made it a medium rating. The tee, sneakers and board are quite easy to get. The ears are tricky. They’re so cheap and even cheaper in MyMall. Only 2,000 gold on the cart and I’ve bought some that were about 1500 gold. But some people can’t afford that so it’s in the middle. The hair I got for 6500 gold, but they’re scarce so I would consider it hard to get, although it was on my wishlist so I was happy I got it. The shorts are scarce, too. Not to mention expensive. It’s definitely hard to get.

Recently I tried to make easy OOTDs but I’m obviously not trying hard enough. I will attempt to try again in the next one, I promise!



I wanted to shout out a blog that’s basically about Fantage edits and stuff like that. It’s called Fantage Ink. I think she gave me some tips on editing on a mac,since I don’t have one.I think you should at least check out her blog. She knows a lot and shes a new blogger,too. So it would be great if you checked her out!


The return of the puppies!

I remember doing this event last year, and I enjoyed it.Sorry this is so late! Let’s get to the event!

The Puppies


The main part of this event! First, I have to pick an adorable puppy! I decided to choose the Rottweiler. Keep in mind that you pick is final.The next thing is to do activities with my puppies.


So, this is where everything happens. You have a variety of things to do that affect your puppy’s happiness, wellness, cleanliness and trust. You use your energy to do the activities.


Here’s a chart of all the activities that can help raise happiness, wellness,cleanliness and trust. I think last year cutiecake pointed out the typo above circled in red. I guess nobody bothered to check and remove the extra g.

Limited Items


Ears-2,000 gold

Boards-10,000 gold

I like how low the ears are, but the boards are overpriced. I think people sold the boards last year for 6,000 more, which is crazy expensive. But I would but the ears!

I really enjoyed this event last year, and I will enjoy it this year, too! I hope to see you guys at the next!



Giveaway winners!

I decided to randomize 10 times, because 100 would be a little… much. Let’s see the results!



Congrats to the top three winners! Please comment so I know you’ve claimed your prize. The winners have 72 hours to claim their prize or else it goes to the next person(not in the top three).

Fantagesins has won the $11 Karma Koin gift card

Twinkles has won an edit of choice, blog header, logo and 2,000 gold , if you have a kiosk

Cutiecake aka Julia has won an edit, recolour and 1,000 gold, if you have a kiosk

Thanks to everyone who joined. I hope to have another soon! See you next time,